Redbrook Tollers

"Our Pride...Your Joy"

Redbrook Tollers "Our Pride...Your Joy"                                 

Welcome to our website! 

Redbrook Tollers is located in Rusagonis, New Brunswick.  A mere 15 minutes from Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital city.

We breed Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.  Toller's are highly intelligent, alert, outgoing, and a ready for action type of dog. They are affectionate and loving with family members and are very good with children, showing lots of patience.  Toller's have a strong retrieving desire coupled by a love of water.  They excel at a number of dog sports including flyball, agility and field trials.   

Our kennel is and always will, remain very small.  We are currently taking a 2-3 year hiatus from breeding for personal reasons.  Therefore, we are currently not accepting names for future litters.  

We hope that you enjoy our site, and if you have any comments or questions, please be sure to send us an e-mail!

Holly, Daniel, Braxton & Corbin Kirkpatrick

 Raine, Feist, Rev, Braxton, Corbin, Brooke & Trout
                       December, 2015